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Atlas Production Services

The Northern California turn-key video production resource


We Solve Media Production Headaches

We are Media Geeks located in in Northern California but operating all over the world. We eat, sleep, and breathe media production and look forward to working with you to solve your media creation challenges. With more than 20 years of experience in mobile video we’ve seen and done it all.

Location Video

Our crews KNOW video. Whether you've booked a thousand crews, or we would be your first one, let our experience speak for itself. From location production, to multi-cams, to satellite media tours... Our team can help you produce the best product possible for the available budget.

Show Support

Lots of production entities grow by taking on projects outside their normal scope of work. Let our experienced production pros help you over the hurdles. Whether you need equipment or experienced labor we'll help you get the job done right.

Post Production

With a team of skilled graphic artists and editors at our fingertips we can help make your vision a reality. Corporate and industrial editorial is our bread and butter but we can provide the right talent to fit your specific needs.

How We Work

Our goal is always to deliver our clients the best value for their dollar. We know that one size doesn't fit everyone so we developed a model that embraces that fact.


In this game the details can make or break a show. Our professional industry experts keep your production on track.


We treat every production as though it were our own; we're invested. How can we help make our production better?


Content is king but in this day and age even wonderful content can be lost if not presented nicely. A fresh look can mean the difference.


We like to mix compelling content with one part vision, one part talented personnel, and one part industry leading equipment. It works every time.


Who We Are

Our success relies on the strength of our team. We pride ourselves on being good media 'matchmakers'. We hand pick the right group of people, with the right strengths, to work on your project.

Dan Diaz

#daddy #director #lightingcamera #engineer #videoguy

Dan Diaz
DP & Director

Marcy Hignight

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Marcy Hignight
Creative Director

Canon C500

Beautiful Canon imaging in a 4K capable camera

Canon C500
Principal Camera

Canon C500

Beautiful Canon imaging in a 4K capable camera

Lynda Smith

We want to grow
your business

Visual media are the tool to kick your sales in to high gear. With less time than ever to make a lasting, and positive, impression -- let us help you make sure the first impression is the right one.

What We Do

We leverage the power of visual media to reinforce your brand and message.

By investing in the finest equipment and personnel we create need appropriate media to communicate your message quickly and effectively.

Whether your needs are beautiful cinema-worthy images, or more functional corporate communications, we have a kit and package to meet your needs.


We Are Here For You

Whether we supply a technician, equipment, or the whole production… We take pride in providing budget appropriate solutions that get it done. Take a look at some of the places Atlas Production Services has provided production expertise. We love what we do and our clients trust us to bring what is necessary to get the job done right.


Video crews to facilitate anything from small greenscreen shoots, to Broll packages, to broadcast ready talking heads.

Crews with basic camera packages are the bread and butter of video media acquisition. 2-3 man crews are standard and generally comprised of a cameraman, a sound person, and a grip/utility person. While equipment packages vary they will typically include: Camera – Tripod – Basic Audio – Basic Lighting

  • Interviews
  • Testimonials
  • GreenScreen
  • LIVE Streaming
  • Event Coverage
  • Tradeshow Presentations
  • Broll Packages
  • Remote Presentations
  • VNRs (Video News Releases)

Video Production

Corporate presentations to 16 input shows with IMAG, graphics, and tons of external inputs -- we're ready to help.

If you’re here shopping multicam production you probably already know what you’re looking for. We leverage Panasonic switchers, NewTek TriCasters, and a host of different broadcast ready cameras to curate the right look and functionality for your project. Need audio? Projection? Lighting? We can help.

  • Sponsored Talk Shows
  • Company Meetings
  • Concerts
  • LIVE Events
  • Tradeshows
  • Talk Shows
  • LIVE Broadcast TV
  • Testing


From thoroughly produced agency content to event coverage we can deliver the images you're looking for in a timely fashion.

Booking still photographers is unnecessarily difficult. Huge disparities in rates and improperly insured operators give our customers fits. We help navigate the complexities of finding the right talent for your project with the right kit to get the job done right. Timely turn around on our part means fresh content for you.

  • Medium Format
  • 35mm
  • Digital
  • Studio
  • Location Shoots
  • Location Scouting
  • Corporate/Team Headshots
  • Photo Booths
  • Event Coverage


Whether you're looking to upgrade existing infrastructure or you want to bring your media production in-house; we can help.

Well designed and implemented production spaces can make the difference between profitable in house production capabilities and dead weight. We create workflows and spaces that are functional and efficient. We can help your company leverage your existing infrastructure when you're ready to step to the next level.

  • Studio Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Design Review
  • Value Engineering
  • Workflow Analysis
We Are Photographers
We Are Gaffers
We Are Cinematographers
We Are Grips
We Are Audio Technicians
We Are Artists
We Are Engineers
We Are Creative

— We are Atlas —

Our Process

We Make Our Customers Happy

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Our Numbers

Some of the cool facts about us


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Our Skills

Our Main Skills

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